A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye. The normal lens is clear and brings light into focus so we can see. A cataract can be compared to a window that is frosted or “fogged” with steam.

Most commonly this cloudiness is age related, however occasionally it can be due to trauma to the eye, it may be secondary to diabetes or other medical conditions, and can be congenital.

What is the lens?

The lens is the part of the eye that helps focus light on the retina (just like the lens in a camera). The retina is the eye’s light-sensitive layer that transmits visual signals to the brain (like the photographic film in a camera). At best or In a normal eye, light passes through the lens and gets focused on the retina. To help produce a sharp image, the lens must remain clear.

What are the symptoms of a cataract?

A painless blurring of vision, glare, or light sensitivity, poor night vision, double vision in one eye and/or needing brighter light to read.

How fast does a cataract develop?

How quickly the cataract develops varies among individuals and may even be different between the two eyes. Most age-related cataracts progress gradually over a period of years. Other cataracts, especially in younger people and people with diabetes, may progress rapidly over a short time. It is not possible to predict exactly how fast cataracts will develop in any given person

How is a cataract detected?

By performing a thorough eye examination, your ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor) can detect the presence of a cataract. A careful evaluation will also rule out any other conditions that may be causing blurred vision or other eye problems. Problems with other parts of the eye (such as the cornea, retina or optic nerve) can be responsible for vision loss and may prevent you from having much or any improvement in vision after cataract surgery. If improvement in your vision is unlikely, cataract removal may not be recommended. Your ophthalmologist can tell you how much visual improvement is likely.


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