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Martial Arts expert, Michael Plant has been able to give his glasses the chop thanks to pioneering eye surgery. The 34-year-old who lives in Corringham is one of the first people in Essex to take advantage of a revolutionary new form of laser surgery that enables surgeons to target treatment with unprecedented accuracy.

Since the age of 11, Michael wore glasses for short-sight. Following laser eye surgery the difference was immediate.“I am way beyond just being happy about my vision,” said a delighted Michael, who is a computer consultant and runs his own company.

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Wayne Gray, scorer at Southend United had laser eye

surgery at LaserSight Essex.



He explained: “As I’m long sighted I’ve worn contact lenses for a number of years but they have always been an issue with playing football. You have to be careful with lenses that you don’t get a knock in the eye, as this might move the lens or knock it out.

Obviously, losing a lens on the pitch is a real problem as my eyesight was pretty bad without them.”

“There’s also the problem of ‘bad lens days’, when my lenses just didn’t feel right. I don’t get that any more, which is great.”

"I am extremely happy about my vision; I noticed a difference straight away.  There was no pain whatsoever.  My vision was immediately excellent and I was even out cycling the day after surgery"

"I have left it over a year to write my comments as I really wanted to fully test my “new eyes”, and that is the only way to describe them.  Having been dependent on glasses for 20 years and having found that this can impact on whole areas of your life, I now after surgery so wish I had had the courage earlier to have my vision corrected.  And that is what it all comes down to….. courage.  One cannot call the experience pleasant as it isn’t however the attentiveness of the staff, calm surroundings, skill and patience of the surgeon coupled with the anticipation made that 20 minutes I was dreading fly by!  So don’t just think about it – do it – you will not regret it. It really does change your life".

"I couldn’t fault the service I received from the beginning to the end. I would definitely recommend Mr Aggarwal to all the people I know who wear glasses.  It was the best thing ever"

"I am very pleased with the excellent result – it really has been life – changing.  It’s so liberating not to have to wear glasses!  It was nice to meet you, and I have already recommended Lasersight Essex to a number of my friends".


"I found out about them through personal recommendations of their surgeons, Mr Aggarwal and Mr Kasaby. Both were highly praised by trusted friends, so that should be reason to check them out, especially if you’re in the Essex area and don’t want to travel up to London".


“Fantastic results especially considering other big name eye laser clinics felt my problem was too difficult”

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