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Private pilot Jim Newman is flying high after revolutionary eye surgery that has transformed his failing eyesight.

Jim has a whole new outlook on life — especially from thousands of feet up — after becoming one of the first people in Essex to undergo a pioneering eye operation. Surgeons using state-of-the-art technology have inserted “amazing” new lenses into his eyes making it possible for Jim to ditch his glasses after 25 years. The company director of Marine Parade, Leigh-on-Sea, enjoys an active lifestyle and is delighted with the results.


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Keen golfer Shirley Baxter is setting her sights on new targets after a pioneering new procedure restored her vision.


The happy-go-lucky 50-year-old, who has suffered from poor eyesight for over three decades, is one of the first people in Suffolk to take advantage of a groundbreaking operation, which has brought her world back into bright, crisp and clear focus. Revolutionary new implantable lenses have freed Shirley from the shackles of spectacles and contact lenses and allowed her to focus on the finer details of life and improve her performance on the fairways.


“It’s like I’m living in a whole new world now,” says an ecstatic Shirley, who previously could barely function without the aid of her lenses or glasses.

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