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Monofocal Lenses

Multifocal Lenses

Monofocal lenses have been used in cataract surgery for over 50 years. A little under 20 years ago, foldable versions were introduced and this led to the development of small incision cataract surgery.


These lenses replace the cataractous lens within the eye and offer a good outcome for patients who wish to see distance objects without spectacles but who are happy to wear their glasses for reading.

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Multifocal Implant Options

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Multifocal Options for Astigmatism

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Multifocal lens implants are similar to monofocal lenses ( they are foldable and replace the cataractous lens within the eye). They offer the added advantage of good all round vision, rather than single distance vision, minimising the need for spectacles.

These lenses have been used in the UK for over ten years. Recent technological advances combined with improved diagnostic equipment and surgical techniques means that the surgeons are able to correct astigmatism as well as offer patients good all round vision ( near, intermediate and distance) following both cataract surgery and Prelex. There are a variety of multifocal lens implants, each with unique characteristics.

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