It is a fact that as you get older your vision will change. These changes occur in the lens within your eye. Refractive procedures that change the focussing power of the eye by making changes to the cornea (Lasik) are most effective in younger eyes, where the lens can still change its focussing power.

If your vision is deteriorating due to age (presbyopia) it is the lens within your eye that has lost ability to focus and PRELEX means exchanging the lens for a multifocal lens that will improve your ability to focus.


‘’As my vision has deteriorated with age, I’ve had to wear glasses over my contact lenses for certain things. Computer work was difficult because I had my glasses on and off to look at my papers and at my computer screen. Driving was difficult. I had prescription sunglasses, ordinary sunglasses for over my contact lenses, and it just became an absolute pain”

PRELEX means Presbyopic Lens Exchange.

Presbyopia is one of the first signs of middle age. It becomes increasingly more difficult to focus and you have to hold objects further and further away to see them properly. If you are short sighted and presbyopic you will notice that your vision is blurred, even with spectacles. In fact for objects close to you, you may be able to focus better without your spectacles but would still need spectacles for driving and distance objects.

If you are long sighted and presbyopic, you may have general difficulty in focussing. The onset of presbyopia may begin quite early (late thirties/early forties). Because presbyopia affects both distance and near vision, bi-focal spectacles would be needed to correct it.

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